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Jeffrey Brouse・Founder & Director

Jeffrey is one of Japan’s most dynamic Project Managers with experience building hundreds of qual studies from the ground up. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and brightest agencies and loves putting his clients in the driver’s seat to success with unique methodologies, great fieldwork, cultural insight, localized analysis… and an ice cold one to top it all off!

Jeffrey first came to Japan from his native West Virginia in 1996 and moved here permanently 13 years ago. But he also has a long family history here dating back before the War. His other experience includes successfully running another other agency in Tokyo after getting his research start in Boston ages ago. He has a Bachelor’s from Harvard in Social Studies with a concentration in Japanese Language & Culture. He went on to do further Master’s level work at the U of London’s SOAS. In his spare time you will find him hanging with the locals and hiking Japan’s back trails, ever in search of those elusive untamed lands! He’s been invited to speak on cultural trends at Japanese universities, for Marketing & Corporate teams, at the Harvard Club of Japan and at Japan Fashion Week (despite not being a very fashionable fella!)