Our Work

Our team employs a range of creative, bespoke quali methodologies and works directly with each client to ensure that research objectives hit the mark. We take a craftsmanship approach to our work. Some of the methods we’ve mastered are:

  • Ethnography – from In-Home Immersions to custom, long-term, Embedded Research, this is truly our specialty in Japan – from sampling & fieldwork up through analysis
  • Co-Creation, Ideation & Group Sessions – whether it’s the initial phases of a concept test or full-fledged advertising testing; Group Discussions are a time-tested methodology with us
  • Semiotic Analysis – the impact of symbolism in Japanese branding has become ever more critical and we are at the forefront of making Semiotics more accessible to deep-thinking clients who want to change the conversation
  • In-Store & Accompanied Shopping – Intercepts and Accompanied Shop-Alongs can be effective ways to gauge this unique local retail market at the point of sales
  • Online Ethno – Digital Ethnos, Online Diaries and Bulletin Boards are an effective way to get introduced to online and social world of consumer behavior; and discover how a unique cyber culture functions in real time
  • In-Facility/In-Home Usability – Everything from video game tests to cosmetics and beauty products, we specialize in custom Use Tests in-facility and in the home
  • Visual Anthropology – Professional video and photo journals that tell the story of Japanese life ways from a visual perspective
  • Cultural Insights – We’ve given presentations to corporate boards, insights teams, universities, fashion shows and more on topics from Japanese youth fashion to tech and other sectors

We cast our net across a range of sectors including Health & Beauty, Technology & Electronics, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Kids’ & Toy Research, Entertainment, Pharma, Automotive and Travel & Hospitality. Just a few of the brands we’re proud to have worked with recently: who weve worked with 2


“We came away from fieldwork with 3 main concepts that went on to become the key growth drivers and a big success for our new product line.”   (Marketing Director, Lifestyle Brand – Japan)

The good folks at Air Flow gave us the confidence needed to expand on our youth segment with some amazing research, cultural expertise and critical recommendations we would’ve missed on our own.”   (Global Consumer Insights Manager, Skincare Brand – UK)