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Coming to Japan? Visuals to Inspire!

If you’re headed to Japan, then turn up your browser & your volume and check out this visual masterpiece! Then you’ll know why we love doing research here and ultimately, calling this place home! (Video is courtesy of Armadas Japan, amazing stuff).

Japanese Youth & Methodologies: A Tale of Two Worlds


I was chatting with our resident trends researcher, Alyssa-San, the other day about Japanese Youth in their 20s and how they respond to different kinds of methodologies. Being a 20-something native Japanese herself, in addition to being an insights professional, she had some unique perspectives with regard to some recent projects we’d run. Click here to Read more.

Conducting Semiotics: A Japan Primer


Semiotics has long been established as a vital tool in marketing & brand research around the world, no doubt. But for years it has often been a “no-go zone” for many insights professionals commissioning research in Japan. That is changing as Japan and its material culture and symbolism at large, is becoming more well-known and celebrated around the world. So what made so many hesitant to undertake a semiology study here in the past? Well, there are a multitude of reasons but consider just a few and you’ll get the point: Click here to read more:

What The Ancients Knew

Although this video is several years old, Discovery Channel’s 2007 What The Ancients Knew, is an excellent introduction to what drove Japan’s modern success. It is a tradition rooted in ancient wisdom, respect and pride in craftsmanship. These are the cornerstones of Japan’s economic and technological successes in the 20th & 21st centuries. It’s also a good starting point for brands looking to brainstorm creative ideas and core concepts around things like potential new pack designs or product lines! In addition, What The Ancients Knew (hosted by Jack Turner) is a visual masterpiece and a wonderful anthropological journey through Japan’s material culture and history. Whether you are new to Japanology or an old ‘Japan hand’, simply… Enjoy!