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Air Flow Japan is innovating within the Japanese research industry providing unique, yet practical methodologies designed to help our global clients achieve their insights objectives. Our creative thinking and our ability to add vision to cultural interpretation & analysis, means we work directly with many of the world’s preeminent brands.

With a bilingual team and experience running hundreds of unique projects over the years, we make sure our clients are in direct contact with an experienced Researcher from project start to finish. In addition, each Researcher only manages one project at a time to give each research piece its undivided attention!

Our Work


We focus on what Japanese people DO in real life, not what they’re paid to SAY in interviews and focus groups.

We’ve overhauled each layer of the research process in fundamentally new ways, to fit our client’s needs & requests for more localization & Japanese expertise.

These new methods we’ve customized specifically for our market are:

Cons observ Consumer Observation & Segmentation

shopper data Shopper Data & In-Store Experience

social media Social Media Analysis

cultural insights Cultural Insights Inquiry

Please contact jbrouse@airflowjapan.com to find out more.

We cast our net across a range of sectors including Health & Beauty, Technology & Electronics, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Kids’ & Toy Research, Entertainment, Pharma, Automotive and Travel & Hospitality. Just a few of the brands we’re proud to have worked with recently:

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The Air Flow Team is made up of a close-knit group of bilingual, full-time, marketing research professionals whose specialty is “all things Japan”. Who you see is who you get. Over the last decade-plus we have also worked to build up a vast and dedicated network of facilities, Moderators, Simultaneous Interpreters and Translators all across Japan.

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Yoshie Kujiraoka・Senior Research Planner

Yoshie is a bilingual research & insights dynamo with a decade of experience Moderating, planning & setting up sophisticated fieldwork and coming up with creative solutions to clients’ sampling needs. Her ability to transliterate cultural complexities into simple, actionable insights is what makes her an asset at the office and in the field.

Before making her way to the world of insights, Yoshie worked as a bilingual Translator for Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In her younger years, she spent several years abroad in the little town of Nelson, NZ and then Boston… where she gained a BA in Sociology from the U of Massachusetts. At Air Flow she has worked on projects as varied as global Pharma to alcohol & beverage to children’s research. If you were to say that eating, sleeping and drinking were not hobbies… like most Japanese, she’d beg to differ!

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Jeffrey Brouse・Founder & Director

Jeffrey is one of Japan’s most dynamic Insight experts with experience building hundreds of qualitative studies from the ground up. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and loves putting his clients in the driver’s seat to success with unique methodologies, great fieldwork, cultural insight, localized analysis… and an ice cold one to top it all off!

Jeffrey first came to Japan from his native West Virginia in 1996 and moved here permanently 13 years ago. But he also has a long family history here dating back six decades. His other experiences include successfully running another other agency in Tokyo after getting his research start in Boston ages ago. He has a Bachelor’s from Harvard in Social Studies with a concentration in Japanese Language & Culture. He went on to do further Master’s level work at the U of London’s SOAS. In his spare time you will find him hanging with the locals and hiking Japan’s back trails, ever in search of those elusive untamed lands! He’s been invited to speak on cultural trends at Japanese universities, for Marketing & Corporate teams, at the Harvard Club of Japan and at Japan Fashion Week (despite not being a very fashionable fella!)



If you have a brief or would like to get in touch with a research request please contact us at the below:

E: jbrouse@airflowjapan.com

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